Have the customer's report corrected and rescored in as little as 5 business days.

Ordered directly through the credit website and returned that same way.

Non-Traditional RMCR's

What if ?? the borrower only needed 10 extra points on his score to be approved for a loan?

What if ?? that collection was paid, would that increase the score?

What if ?? those late payments were removed?

We have a product that can show you what could happen if items on a credit report were changed or corrected, without pulling a new credit report!!

Ordered directly from the credit website.

Automatically added to the credit report at no extra charge, this disclosure can be given to the customer at the time of application, when credit is pulled.

Red Flags ID Risk Review Report

Fully Integrated with Most Loan

Origination Systems

Credit Reporting Services for Lenders, Landlords, and Property Managers

Risk Based Pricing Disclosure

Lender Quality Initiative

Comparison Reports

Lenders need to pull another credit report within 24 hours of closing to compare against the original report that was pulled to ensure there are no new debts on the report that may change the underwriting of the loan. We have a couple different options to do this for you, and, this second report will not count as an inquiry on your borrower's report.

What If ???

Flood Certifications

Builder and Business Reports, UCC


Most completed same day.

If you are working with builders and construction companies, do you check to make sure they have a reputable business? Do they pay their bills on time? Have they had any lawsuits or judgments placed against them for shoddy or incomplete work? We will fully investigate the builder or business for you and prepare a report so that you and your borrower can move forward with building their dream home!

Tradeline Updates

This report can be added to the credit report at no extra charge.

Credit reports can be customized in the order that you would like to review the data. Do you want the score first, and any collections next? Would you like to see the report summary first before seeing the actual detail? We can customize the credit report that will make the most sense for you.

If your LOS is not on the list, contact us, and we can work on getting that added for you!

All reports pulled are ready for reissue to Fannie and Freddie. No extra steps needed on your part.

Expedited Dispute Process

Tax Return Verifications

One, two, and three bureau

merged credit reports

The new Trended Data reports that will be available later in 2016 will help many borrowers qualify for a loan when they might not have been able to previously. Our Non-Traditional RMCR's (Residential Mortgage Credit Reports) can do that for you now!

Lender ​Services

for Your Customers

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Aside from always answering our phones personally and our great Customer Service, we also offer the following services for your customers:

Fully Fannie Mae and LP