Midwest Mortgage Credit Services is a locally owned Credit Reporting Agency offering Tenant Screening to Landlords and Property Managers​

​-No Sign Up Fees           -No Monthly Minimum Charges           -Pay only for what you order 

Every landlord should run tenant checks. Screening is fast and can save you from the loss of rental income. It doesn’t take long for a bad tenant to cause you headaches and even worse not making the rent or even damaging your property. These can lead to eviction and empty, damaged  properties.

​It is best to do your own tenant check. Do not use a report supplied by the future tenant because you might  be looking at an old report with missing information or even worse a fake report because they are trying to hide something.

Services Available:

One Bureau Credit Report (TransUnion)

Credit Score (optional)

​State of Wisconsin Criminal Search

All other states Criminal Search (prices vary by state)

National Database Criminal Search (includes Sex Offender Registry)

Prior Employment / Rental Verification

Tenant Eviction Search

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Tenant Screening

Credit Reporting Services for Lenders, Landlords, and Property Managers

Tenant screening:

Protect yourself and

your property